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Present your business with precision and professionalism through our Capability Statement service. This one-page electronic file, designed like a brochure or resume, acts as your business resume, effectively communicating your capabilities to government agencies seeking your services or products.


Key Features:

  • Concise Overview:

    -Capture the essence of your business in a concise, one-page format, providing a quick and comprehensive overview of your capabilities.
  • Structured Like a Brochure or Resume:

    -Our Capability Statement is thoughtfully structured, blending the clarity of a resume with the engaging format of a brochure, ensuring it's both informative and visually appealing.
  • Tailored for Government Agencies:

    -Specifically crafted to meet the needs of government agencies, this document highlights your strengths and expertise, positioning your business as a valuable partner.
  • Electronic Format:

    -Receive the Capability Statement in a convenient electronic format, allowing for easy distribution, sharing, and inclusion in digital proposals.
  • Strategic Content:

    -Showcase your key competencies, past performance, certifications, and other relevant details that resonate with government agencies seeking your specific service or product.


Empower Your Business Presence:

  • Professional Impression:

    -Make a lasting impression with a professionally designed Capability Statement that reflects the competence and credibility of your business.
  • Strategic Visual Elements:

    -Leverage strategic visual elements to enhance readability and engagement, ensuring your capabilities stand out among competitors.


Your Gateway to Government Contracts:

Our Capability Statement is not just a document; it's your gateway to securing government contracts. Empower your business with a powerful and visually compelling resume that communicates your capabilities effectively to potential government partners.

Capability Statement

  • Processing takes place within 24 hours of receiving order on a business day. If order is placed on a holiday or the weekend, processing begins on the following business day.

  • Turnaround Time: 7-10 business days does not include weekends.

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