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I am here to help you Thrive not just Survive!

Imani Dorsey is the founder of “Out Of Surviving To Thriving.” I am an entrepreneur born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.

BBA-Bachelors of Business Administration

MIM- Masters of Management

I am a goal driven inspirator. I love to see all people achieve, succeed, and manifest a good life. I love to be able to help others reach their goals even if it is just a listening ear. However, that was not my life. With 2 degrees a bachelors and masters I still was living paycheck to paycheck struggling and going through jobs to survive this thing we call life.


Add poor management skills due to life obstacles, a lot of doors were closed to me no matter how much I organized my life. I want to thrive in this life not just survive. How do I go about doing that? How do You go about that? The answer is gaining the knowledge on how build a business maintain it, and maximize your life off of it.  Where I fit in is I am the key! I have the solutions, resources, and will guide you to opening all doors that you dream of, want to manifest, and work hard for. i want us to all WIN because we CAN!

I am here to help you and I will help you live a thriving life we all deserved.

Lets Get Out Of Surviving And Into Thriving!